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Service options, community support drive Metro ridership growth
Enneagram Gave Me the Power to Overcome Fear

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Read articles and learn more about the Cincinnati Chamber through our related news articles

Service options, community support drive Metro ridership growth
Enneagram Gave Me the Power to Overcome Fear

Marcus Thompson

Title: Director, Corporate Development
Current / Past Place of Employment: TriVersity Construction
How many years have you been in the region? 26

Marcus Thompson is a 2008 Seton Hill Graduate. He currently works as Director of Corporate Development at TriVersity Construction one of the largest construction firms in the Cincinnati Region. Prior to joining Triversity, Marcus held the title of Director, Supplier Diversity at Skanska Building USA.

In his free time, Marcus serves on several boards including NewPath, Great Parks of Hamilton County Board of Commissioners and the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky African American Chamber. He also serves as President of the Board of Trustees for the Center for Addiction Treatment, is a Board member for Council on Child Abuse, the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden Ambassador Council, is a mentor, and serves on the Board of Directors for the Cincinnati Youth Collaborative. One of Marcus’ favorite philanthropic positions is serving as a volunteer at Saturday Hoops, a growing group of friends and local youth from all walks of life who get together on Saturday mornings (January through May) for fun, faith, and positive role modeling through a variety of activities.

Marcus was recognized as a 2022 Top Young Professional by Engineering News Record. In 2020, Marcus was given the honor of Distinguished Alumni by his Alma Mater, Seton Hill University. Marcus has also been recognized as a Forty Under 40 Award Recipient (2018) by the Cincinnati Business Courier and is a graduate of United Way BOLD (2015), Leadership Central Kentucky (2016), and C-Change, a Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber leadership program (2019). Marcus earned a B.A. in Business Communications from Seton Hill University. He lives in Cincinnati, OH with his wife Ashley, son Zechariah, daughter Zoé, and their dog Miley.

In 30 seconds or less, tell us who YOU are. This is not your professional bio, but rather, your response should reflect how you are uniquely you.
I am a child of the Living God, a husband, father, son, brother, and friend. I love hard, work hard, and laugh often.

What is something that most people do not know about you?
I played basketball for the Harlem Wizards. It was similar to the Globetrotters where we would do all the tricks and put on a show, but we were a not for profit. We would travel the country helping communities or organizations raise money for various causes. The most memorable event was when we were raising money for a young girl to receive a double kidney transplant. We brought her onto the floor, oxygen tank in tow. I remember the joy in her eyes when she made a basket.

What are your personal core values?
My core values are Love, Respect, Sincerity… everything stems from love. Love compels you to show respect, be sincere, have empathy, be accountable. It’s all about love.

What is the primary motivation of your leadership?
The primary motivation of my leadership is to see others reach their full potential and achieve the goals they’ve set out for themselves. My hope is to be a conduit to their success.

What has been the cornerstone of your life journey that influenced your personal mission and purpose?
This will sound weird, but the cornerstone of my life journey has been loss. I lost my dad at the age of thirteen and while that was probably the worst day I’ve experienced, I’m not sure I am the man I am today had I not gone through that. It gave me a different perspective on life and opened my eyes to the world.

Who has had an immense impact on you as a leader? How did this person (or people) impact your life?
My mother. After my dad passed passed, she became the leader of our home and led with grace, love, and confidence. I have also witnessed her lead hundreds of individuals and families through her ministry.

What piece of advice have you received along the way in your career or life journey that has stuck with you?
Just keep hitting singles. At some point a ball will come right down the middle and you can knock it out of the park or get a triple or double, but in the meantime just keep hitting singles and you’ll make your way around the bases.

What one thing makes you most proud?
I’m most proud of my family. My wife, Ashley, my two kids, Zechariah and Zoe. I’m proud of the love we have in our home and the journey we’re on. It’s not always easy, but we [have] each other and a whole lotta love.

What’s one thing you do every day (or with consistency) to be a better person?

What are a few resources or behaviors you would recommend to someone looking to grow into a better leader?
– Experience. In order to be a better leader you have to experience the world and the people in it.
– Empathy. Once you experience the people of the world you are living, you must also seek to understand their journey so you can best know how to lead them.

How do you define success?
Success is the continual progress toward your God given purpose. I don’t believe your purpose is finished until your last breath, which is why success is always a progression. Even Jesus said “it is finished” before taking his last breath on the cross.

Why do you choose to make the Cincinnati region home?
I choose to make the Cincinnati region my home because of the people. We have some of the most caring, giving, intelligent, hardworking, fun people you can find. And that is what makes this region the amazing place it is.

What do you imagine for the future of the Cincinnati region?
I see the Cincinnati region continuing to grow its vibrancy and being the landing spot for individuals and families from various backgrounds.

What legacy do you hope to leave behind?
The legacy I want to leave behind is that I made a positive impact on the community in which I live and the people I was fortunate to meet. I want to be known as someone that spread love and joy.

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